Friday, November 02, 2007

Poetry Friday - Mina Loy

It's been a while since I've done a "Poetry Friday" post, and I'm in the mood to do one, so here we are. In this installment, I offer an excerpt from Mina Loy's Songs to Joannes (1915-1917). Edited to add: Ok, I think it's as fixed as I'm patient enough to make it, and at least it's better than it was before.

Come to me    There is something
I have got to tell you    and I can't tell
Something taking shape
Something that has a new name
A new dimension
A new use
A new illusion

It is ambient          And it is in your eyes
Something shiny      Something only for you
                             Something that I must not see

It is in my ears    Something very resonant
Something that you must not hear
               Something only for me

Let us be very jealous
Very suspicious
Very conservative
Very cruel
Or we might make an end of the jostling of aspirations
Disorb inviolate egos

Where two or three are welded together
They shall become god
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
Oh that's right
Keep away from me.    Please give me a push
Don't let me understand you    Don't realise me
Or we might tumble together
Into the terrific Nirvana
Me you -- you -- me


Terri said...

Wow. This poem is hot. Not like Paris Hilton hot but rather sensual hot. Or maybe that's just me?
Thanks for this.

Krista said...

I am in love with this poem! In exchange for its fabulousness, I will attempt to tell you how to fix the formatting.

I assume that you need to format it more or less like I did this excerpt from Paterson: I did it by inserting a   for every space that it needed to be bumped over. Tedious, but it worked.

Krista said...

OK, forgot that of course the Interwebs reads the code as well, code. I'll email you in a second.

Maggie said...

terri's right. It's hot.

Belle said...

And so needed. Thank you.