Monday, November 26, 2007

In which Crazy Waxes Poetic about Tegan and Sara

Ok, so where I was probably a month or a month and a half ago was this place.

And then, a Certain Person Who Shall Still Not Receive a Pseudonym noted that he was humming to this song and thinking of me.

And then I happened upon this song and felt as if it was perfect for how I felt, even if I'm not nineteen years old.

My point here is this, people: Tegan and Sara are fucking awesome. Totally.


Comet Jo said...

hey thanks, they ARE great

Psycgirl said...

I love Tegan & Sara. If you only have the new stuff, I highly recommend their second album, its my favorite

Dr. Crazy said...

I TOTALLY love that album, too, Psycgirl! I only posted the more recent stuff because it lent itself to the post. But no, their second record is AMAZING!