Monday, November 05, 2007

Good Morning, Lovelies! It is Monday!

Well, at least over the next few days, this blog promises to become a small festival of boring, in which I talk about to-do lists and accomplishing things, etc. etc. It's in part because I've got so much to do, and this will help me to get things accomplished. It's in part because there's stuff I don't want to blog about (yet? not sure....). It's in part because I'm trying to bore the pants off the haters and those who aren't old-time-y readers, for there's no way to put out a blogfire better than by throwing dull, dull material on the dying embers.

But so, it is Monday, and my plans are these:
  • Go into the office, and organize one batch of papers in the order in which they must be graded, as well as print off the checklists necessary for swift grading of those papers. The aim is to complete all papers that must be graded for tomorrow.
  • Catch up on emailing. This should amount to sending maybe 5 emails, but it's still annoying.
  • Meet with a student.
  • Do stuff with the book manuscript.
  • Prep for the survey for tomorrow, including making sure that I don't forget that I want to play "Waltzing Matilda" for them and so making sure that I have that with me.
  • Buy food for the Man-Kitty.
So, lots to accomplish, but I have high hopes that I will manage it. Perhaps more later, in which I will bore you further with my plans for productivity. I know, you can hardly wait :)


voncookie said...

Good strategy. And BTW, the dust-up about what's been written on this blog has got me a troll over at my blog, who's calling me a "cop-out" for blogging pseudonymously. What a crock! RYS is really wreaking havoc. Sorry that you've had to deal with such trouble. Keep writing your to-do lists, and I will continue to loyally read (and learn much from) your blog.


Belle said...

You forgot to post a picture of your cat.

Voncookie said it: I will continue to read & learn from you. Even your lists.