Thursday, November 09, 2006

You Know What's Good?

1. Hunan Noodles. And an eggroll. Mmmmm. Love cheating on healthy eating diet plan.
2. A certain Man-Kitty (who is very meow-y, as he missed me today).
3. Having just four conferences to go! Yippee!
4. Thursday Night TV night.
5. Knowing that after tomorrow I have two days off.
6. Saturday's plan to go to the movies.
7. Naps.

Any number of other things. Oh, and also good were both of my classes this morning, as apparently what I required was that string cheese in order to feel better. And I did get all of those papers graded (with the help of the two students who chose to miss their appointments, and no, I will not be accommodating those students to reschedule them - except for I probably will because I'm a push-over).

I think I'm going to go take a hot bath. And then maybe I'll search around my house for something sweet (as I'm LONGING for something sweet).


Anonymous said...

ok, i definitely read Hunan as human, and was pondering what that could be, ie some new sexual position, until i got to eggrolls. yah.

anyway, glad things are going well!

BikeProf said...

I love your statement about absolutely not rescheduling to accommodate students. I do the same thing--"No way!!" followed by, "Well, okay..."