Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Ok, so I know it's late, but what with the cooking, the celebrating, and my attention-seeking parents (who are now at a nearby casino - things must be going well since they had only a hundred bucks between them), there was no time to write before now.

So what am I thankful for?

First, the shallow things:

1. For the fact that I finally learned how to make stuffing that is neither too dry nor too moist.
2. For stuffing generally.
3. For the glass of wine I'm drinking right now.
4. For the internet.
5. For nearly a full week without teaching.

Now, for the less shallow things:
1. For my parents, who really are awesome. Add into this one all of my friends who are really like family, etc.
2. For my sweet, darling Man-Kitty.
3. For the fact that I have done well at my job and that I have some confidence in my abilities as a professor.
4. For the fact that I haven't embarassed myself (yet) in this attempt at being on the market. Or at least not in an irrevocable way. Oh, and I've had another request for more materials (yesterday) - did I mention that? I'm thankful for that. I'd be even more thankful if I were to be offered an interview at any of the places to which I've applied. But scratch that because it's not really in the True Spirit of Thanksgiving.
5. For not necessarily being able to see what the future holds, even though I often wish that I could see what the future holds.

And now, for some Thanksgiving pictures!

This is where the Man-Kitty was hanging out while I was making the Thanksgiving feast. When he wasn't trying to force my stepdad (who had his first experience with using the internet and was wicked-excited about being able to read like 15 different newspapers - some in arabic - all morning long).

But then, the turkey was ready!

After turkey (and all of the many side-dishes on the menu), pie.

When Dinner was done, naps were taken, etc., the Man-Kitty then retired with the Stepdad of Crazy for some quality male bonding time. Did I mention that the Man-Kitty and my stepdad are best friends? And that if the M-K hears the S-D's voice on the phone, that he immediately leaps toward Crazy's head and begins purring and nuzzling the phone and meowing? And that he follows S-D around like he's the second coming whenever they're together? It is very strange, but I think probably good that the M-K has a strong male role model.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

What a happy Thanksgiving! Blind kitty has an obsession with a friend of ours. It has gone on for years and survived a move away from the friend -- isn't it odd how they decide they just love some random person?

Hilaire said...

Cutest thing ever. Happy times to you, Dr. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Kizzy is thankful for pictures of the Kitty-Man (which she still asks for daily, I might add :))

Anonymous said...

that turkey looks realllly good!

Manorama said...

Aww, that last photo is just adorable. Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Aww! Man-kitty looks all filled out and grown up since the last time I saw pictures on here... well, until that last picture when he looks like a spritely young kitty.

Anonymous said...

Nice site! Nice Cat! I would like be be addes to your blog roll

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Am so laughing at the idea that M-K needs a strong male role model! Maybe that's why Youngest Cat's been such a pip since LDH has been away - he's acting out the absence of a strong male role model! (Of course, he's no noticeably better when LDH is here, either, so it's possible he's just genetically a pip. Currently he's batting at cord to the Ikea floor lamp...)

Happy Thanksgiving, Crazy!