Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Note to Self

Hire a maid. Get over the working-class guilt thing that makes you think it is wrong not to clean your own house. Forget everything that you read in Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed. You are a slob. If somebody was coming in once a month to clean, you would be less of a slob because you would feel ashamed of yourself. You would clean for the cleaning person. You would not (as is your current MO during the school year) save cleaning for times when you're having out-of-town guests (and you don't have many of those during the school year).

That said, the bedroom is cleaned (though my mother better not enter my closet, for apparently I'm still 14 and I just shove everything in there willy-nilly in order to try to hide my sloppiness from my mother), the dining room is cleaned, the study is, well, a place where I like to put paper and so nobody would really want to hang out in there, but at the same time, it's not an embarassment. Now, to tackle the bathroom (which is actually not terrible - I am not ok with a not-clean bathroom), the living room (clutter, clutter), the kitchen (also not terrible, except for the floor, but I think I'll just swiffer and full-on mop after I finish cooking the T-day feast), and then finally, if I'm feeling REALLY ambitious, I really should dust. Obviously, that is last on the list, as my mother never dusts either, and so she will understand if it doesn't get done.

The one nice thing about all this cleaning though is that when I get rid of the Thanksgiving guests, I will have a very clean house. I'd say that I'm going to turn over a new leaf and keep it clean, but that would be a lie. Which is why I should hire a maid. Even though I probably won't. I really don't like people in my house. Sigh.

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michelle said...

Hiring a cleaning lady was the best thing we ever did. She comes every other week and if the only thing that means is that I get this place picked up and control the clutter for her to come in it is well worth it.
I got over feeling bad about it pretty quickly once I realized what a relief it was not to worry about people just popping in unannounced.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the family, food and nice, tidy house.