Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Update on Preparations


Here's what's done:
Sweet Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Every room but kitchen clean.

Parents of Crazy are due to arrive in approximately 3 hours. I just got a progress report from my mom. It's hilarious when my mom calls on a cell phone because she doesn't really know how to use them. So she calls me, and my stepdad's in the background trying to pretend he didn't bring the turkey from the store, which he volunteered to do because he and his brother bought the store this year and so he was all excited to bring the turkey - anyway, after it was determined that he was "Just kidding!" my mom then starts telling me about this person she used to work with and giving me gossip about a job that she had THREE YEARS AGO. Can I tell you how much I don't care? So my mom says she has to go, and I'm silently saying, "yes! you do!" and we hang up, but as we're doing so, I hear my stepdad in the background saying, "Talk to her! Why you hang up?!!"

I love my parents. They're so... well, crazy. Sometime I'll have to post about when they moved me to Grad School City, which involved driving 10 hours in a truck that was normally used for transporting vegetables (we had to unload the cucumbers before we could load in all of my worldly possessions) listening only to oldies radio (if you say, "A Town without Pity" to my mother she will begin laughing maniacally as well as imitating Gene Pitney) and arabic music.

And you all wonder why I'm crazy. It's so obvious.

Ok, need to go clean the kitchen and make some pie crusts from scratch.

Oh, and keep updating the de-lurking/blogrolling post below - I'm not going to get to the updating until Saturday or Sunday. Also, to all of those who de-lurked, hi! Thanks for reading! Nice to see you!


Anonymous said...

they moved you to grad school??? They totally rock!

Dr. Crazy said...

They do...
BUT with their rockingness come some attached strings, like for example getting phone calls at 8 AM on Saturday or Sunday (sometimes both) every single week to check in.

And yes, I'm a 32-year-old woman.

Oh, and I just got the "We're 30 miles away" call! They'll be here in... well, knowing them, probably 45 minutes. Even though they're on the highway :)

Anonymous said...

Dr. Crazy,

Just found you & will link when I update on Sunday -- love your stuff. Check out mine. Oh -- and my mother does the same thing. She is 72, and the other thing she does is tell me the gossip from her boyfriend's family (he is 71) -- who I have never met.

OK -- gotta do my own stuffing.

Dr. Radical