Thursday, November 09, 2006


  • I have to teach in 25 minutes.
  • I did not get enough sleep last night.
  • I have no energy.
  • I feel slightly sick.
  • In theory, I am having six conferences beginning at 12:45, back-to-back. Problematically, I still have six papers to grade for those conferences, and I teach for the next 3 hours.
  • Did I mention I don't feel good?
  • And yet I'm a little hungry, even though I ate breakfast.
  • Maybe I'll have some cheese.
  • Dammit! My string cheese package had a malfunction and I can't open it!
  • Ah, fixed it. Now am eating cheese.
  • Have to teach poems about suicide, death, and the atrocity of war today. Fun times.
  • Why can't I just go back to bed?


Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I was so punchy and manic while teaching, I actually uttered the words, "Apparently, I'm on crack." Today, though I'm not teaching, I feel like I've got cement shoes on...Maybe it's a post-election hangover or something.

Anonymous said...

aw, hinny. Hope today goes ok, get plenty to drink!

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Damn, I could have written this (minus conferences, but plus meeting with advisees. Oh, and minus the string cheese. Actually, minus a lot, but the sentiment is very familiar!). Especially since I just got a reminder of a meeting this afternoon that I would swear I never got an actual notice for, and I DO NOT WANT TO GO.

On the plus side, thank God my students seem to find our current reading (famous Bard play) interesting, because I have no great insight into how to teach it, and am relying on their comments to carry class. Poor students.