Sunday, February 04, 2007

Why, Yes, I DO Enjjoy Being Part of the Bed-Making Process

Ever the faithful companion to my mama, I do enjoy helping with tasks around the house. My favorite such task is the Making of the Bed. I help my mama by turning it into a game - a game in which I am sure to leap beneath the sheets when she puts them on the bed. She won't let me get beneath the fitted sheet (although this is my dream). She has, though, given up on trying to keep me from my next favorite goal - to burrow beneath the flat sheet and to refuse to leave, in spite of her protests. Oh, it is such good fun. You realize she can't see me when I'm under here, right?

The next part of the game includes me remaining beneath the sheet as she places the quilt on top of that. You will notice, I did change my position slightly, for I have to chase the quilt as it is being placed, even though I am hidden beneath the flat sheet. She tries to coax me from my hiding place, but I refuse! It is more fun to hide! I am like a feline version of Lindsay Lohan leaving rehab, only cuter! Or like Michael Jackson's son, Blanket, only, well, I do not have a name like "Blanket"! I am glorious! I am the Man-Kitty!

[As you see, though the Man-Kitty would not consent to have his face photographed, he is nonetheless feeling quite chatty and sociable.]


Terminaldegree said...

Hey, my kitty does the same thing. It's amazing how fast he can jump under a parachuting sheet.

Dumb kitties. Gotta love 'em.

helenesch said...

And it's amazing how elongated Man-kitty can appear (has he transformed himself into a snake in the first pic?) Quite a talented kitty!

Nik said...

Box, my orange one, does the same thing. Almost makes me want to make the bed every day. Almost.
The job talk post was great. I'm surprised I ever got a job knowing almost none of that. I pretend I'm "intuitive" that way.
If you could write another post about Conference Talks that would be great. Preferably before AWP (end of Feb).
Good luck this week.

k8 said...

My cat use to do the same thing - she was a born burrower. So adorable!!

Anniina said...

My dogs do it too. It's adorable, though exasperating :)

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Man-Kitty must be the orang long-lost brother of extra-toes... I wonder how that will play out when the cleaning people come tomorrow, as extra-toes is freaked out by strangers.