Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Where The Hell Did All This Snow Come From?

Because I've been watching the weather and stuff, and somehow I wasn't expecting it. And neither, it seems, was anybody else. And, on top of that, why is it that in the morning when people are trying to get onto campus and they have to be someplace by a certain time they have people directing traffic (and slowing things down) but when they actually need people to direct traffic because people here don't know how to drive in snow and the roads aren't plowed and there's not even salt on the roads there's not a campus cop to be found? And you two assholes in SUVs who tried to speed ahead in the non-turning lane only to try to cut me off after I waited in line for a half hour and was just about to get to the light? Yes, that was me who screamed that you could fuck right off and honked my horn at you and refused to let you over. Because that's just not playing by the rules.

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David said...

For those from areas south of the snow belt who still get snow pretty often. Jim Borgman has the best takes and he blogs. Perhaps through the tears you can laugh.