Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sleepy Morning

It doesn't help that your cat likes to wake you up at 4 AM but then he decides it's time to settle down for a snooze right when you actually need to get up and showered and moving, but so there it is. At any rate, I'm pleased to report that after my post last night I went through the chapter I'd needed to look at (which is really quite good, if I do say so myself) and made some changes. Once I've completed a once-over of all chapters I'll need to look at the manuscript as a whole, when I suspect I may still change a few things, but whatever. I'm on my way, and I'm excited to look at the next chapter. I also cleaned out my bag and organized all of my stuff that I need to grade/record. I'm hopeful that I will actually grade/record all of this in the next hour and a half, but I probably am lying to myself.

So let me apologize for something right now. I'm going to use this blog as a space where I report my activities in the next few weeks, and I know it's boring. But it helps me to feel positive and to keep accomplishing more things if I actually write down what I'm getting done, and somehow putting it on the blog works better for that than putting it in my journal. I know I've said I don't use the blog as an accountability thing - and generally I don't - but with as much on my plate as I've got now, I think that doing a little of that will be a good thing. I've even been thinking about putting one of those counter graph things in the sidebar, but that's probably going too far.

A couple of things that have been bugging me. 1) I haven't heard a peep from that place where I did the campus visit. 2) I also haven't heard a peep from my diss adviser and a number of other people that I told about the book contract. What's with people? As for the job people, it's totally cool if I'm not the first (or second or third) choice, but isn't it rude not to congratulate me? As for the adviser, well, this is our relationship, and this is probably what has motivated me to get a book contract in the first place - trying to make him responsive and interested in me, which he is not - and as for the other correspondents, well, I think that there's just some kind of weird sucky sour grapes thing going on, and that really blows. I hate people. And I can't even begin to describe the range of reactions in my department. Some people didn't speak to me for a week. No, I'm not kidding.

Ok, so done with that bitching for the moment. Must get my overbooked day underway. Also, a question: do I really have to shave my legs if I have a doctor appointment this afternoon? I feel like I do, but then I also feel like it's winter and I'm in the dryest of dry spells and shaving one's legs is a pain in the ass and why do I have to do that for the doctor? I already decided that if it's happening it's happening right before the doctor - not during the morning shower, where I was groggy with the sleepiness - so feel free to weigh in.


Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

I think it takes a lot more than hairy legs to freak out a doctor. Don't bother.

Hilaire said...

Totally, totally agree with Dr. Hussy.
Also, I just wanted to commiserate on the suckage of weird jealous people - especially those in your department. I can't get over it! What is the matter with people???!!

Nik said...

Where are the congrats? Very lame & weird. The job school though--maybe this put a wrench in their plans of hiring someone else and now you're looking shinier. But if that's the case, I don't like them very much. You should have been number 1 all along. On that note, I know a number of people who haven't heard back from campus interviews. This year seems to be moving particularly glacially.
Re: shaving. No way! Of course, I never shave so I'm biased but still. Not for the doctor. She won't even notice!

Terri said...

Now I have to tell my "shave my legs for the doctor story." I was 25. I lived in Brooklyn, HS teacher, morning rushing around, ironed pants on the floor with bare legs spread in a V to accommodate the wrinkled pants and the iron, burned upper inner thigh (way up), excruciating pain yet found time to shave around the searing wound to avoid doctor horror.

Whew. Happy to get that story out. Did I mention that the doctor was about 27 and gorgeous? But the lesson, actually, is don't shave for the doctor.

Departments are fussy little fiefdoms of insecurity and are not to be permitted to suck the life and self-esteem out of the talented junior colleagues that they somehow are lucky enough to work with. Hmph. Don't let them bring you down. And don't shave if it's not convenient!

Feirefiz said...

Hi Dr. Crazy,
I just saw your account of the diss to book process, and wanted to congratulate you on the contract! Tha'ts a great milestone! Unfortunately there's quite a bit of sour grapes in this profession. I had people saying disparaging things about my press, which happens to be one of the Oxbridge presses, which I think are pretty decent. Initially it would irritate me but l've decided that but living well is the best "revenge." So congratulations again! Savor your victory.

Mel said...

beLIEVe me, the slowness to hear anything from a hiring department probably has NOTHING to do with you. Don't believe that they've made a decision until they contact you to say so. (Which they will eventually.) Because there are a gazillion things that can slow the process, from cliques in meetings to passive agressive clerical staff in the provost's office.