Sunday, February 11, 2007

So Many Things about Which I Cannot Write

Well, my little sabbatical from the blog was good, if exhausting. And I want to write about it, but I really can't - not now, maybe not ever, but definitely not yet. Suffice it to say that all is well with me and that now I'm just in a bit of a holding pattern for the next (hopefully short) while.

In other news, I love my little wee Man-Kitty. He was so happy when I came home, and not even a little bit pissed off at me. I mean, sure, he was VERY meow-y, but I think he just had a lot to report about what had happened in my absence. Apparently he refused to play with the pet-sitter - rather, he just sat and stared at her while she played. Still, though, I think that her attempts were not in vain, for I think he'd have been more angry at me if somebody wouldn't have been around to make the gesture.

So, today I need to grade, to prep for the upcoming week, to stop myself from thinking about things that are beyond my control (ha!), and to watch the grammy's. I also need to do a TON of emailing. Ugh. I should also probably go to the grocery store to get some supplies....

So, I suppose that's all.

(Oh, and you may be wondering why I'm awake before 5 AM. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that the M-K and I fell asleep on the couch at about 9 PM, woke up for about 15 minutes around 12:20 AM, and then promptly returned to the bed for the sleep of mamas and kitty-cats. Best sleep I've had all week.)


Hilaire said...

I'm so glad your blog sabbatical went well - and that you've returned to a loving Man-Kitty!

helenesch said...

I'm glad it went well, too! Thanks for the update.

litprof said...

Re: the thing about which you cannot blog, I am hoping the absolute best for you! And how lucky you are to have such a sweet cat to welcome you home.