Saturday, February 24, 2007

There Are Lots of Things I Want to Post About...

But I'm taking the weekend off writing (yes, I realize this is writing, but not really) and so they will have to wait. Part of it is that all of the things I want to post about will require actual thought, and this weekend is all about not thinking so that I can launch into the work-writing that will consume me for the next month. One of the things you may not know about me is that I tend to blog most when I'm most productive in other areas. Ideas beget ideas and all that. But here are some of the posts that are brewing....

1. A post about cooking, my One True Hobby. (This inspired by the meatloaf that's cooking as we speak.

2. A post about pornography, in response to my irritation about some of the discussion in the blogosphere about it. (I can't do this one because it will require actual "research" so as to express exactly why I'm irritated.)

3. A post about the wrap-up of my year on the market (as, really, it's over, even if out of the blue I get an offer, which at this point I'm not expecting, but as I'm not really reconciled to that 100% yet, I can't do the post).

4. A post with pictures, of the M-K, of the gorgeous tulips my mom sent me (and do you know my mother is the only person who's ever actually sent me flowers? There are many reasons for this, but it's still kind of sad, I think.)

5. A post about assessment - of students and of faculty (as I had to read my evaluations in order to do my activity report and as I'll be in grading jail until sometime in May).

As you see, though, all of these posts would require effort. And this weekend is all about relaxing, getting my house in order, and gearing up for the real work that is upcoming in the next month so that I can send my manuscript off to the publisher.

And since today is all about relaxing, I'm making meatloaf and mashed potatoes, I've begun reading this book (which I'm loving), and I may watch a movie or something tonight. Tomorrow I'll do laundry, straighten up around the house, clean out my bookbag, and maybe do some stuff for teaching (or maybe I'll just read and eat more meatloaf).

So that's life in the World of Crazy.

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Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Enjoy the weekend off, maybe when you clean you can change the sheets to man-kitty gets a thrill?