Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's Amazing What One Can Accomplish....

If one just makes a list, checks it twice, and actually does the stuff on the list instead of moving the stuff on the list to other days in the week.

Crazy's bills for the month? Paid.
Crazy's talk? Well, it needs to be practiced, but it's edited within an inch of its life.
Crazy's prep for her lower-level class for the next week? Done.
Crazy's laundry? In the process of being done.
Crazy's note for the pet-sitter re: the Care of the Man-Kitty? Written.
Crazy's papers that she must grade? Well, they're not graded, but I did put them into the proper order for grading. That's something.

I think that I'm going to reward myself with playing a game on the computer while the laundry does its thing - at least for a little while. Yay productivity!

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