Monday, February 26, 2007

Feeling Energized on Monday? Who Knew It Was Possible?

Well. This weekend I did NOTHING. I did not grade, I did not read (for work), I did not prep, I did not write. I did not allow myself to feel guilty over not doing the above, but rather I reveled in laziness. I took a calculated risk (re: being the Laziest Crazy Alive) in order to gear up for what promises to be a wicked month of work on all fronts. And you know what?

I feel great this morning. Rested. Relaxed. Ready to go. The one thing I did do was make a little to-do list last night (and to realize that I've tragically overbooked myself for tomorrow). So now it's time to hit the ground running. One thing I do have to say, though, is that I'm kind of ticked off that I watched the Oscars in its entirety last night. It was so. so. boring. So many read speaches. The interpretive dance interludes were just dumb. And nobody was wicked excited in the manner of Three Six Mafia. And why did Kirstin Dunst's dress have a collar? And why does my boyfriend Phillip Seymour Hoffman look like a homeless person, always? And does he own know formal shirts that aren't black? Because really - it's time to change up the shirt beneath the formal suit and to stop wearing electric blue ties. And to buy a comb. Yes, PSF, you are still my boyfriend, but even my patience with your slatternly appearance is wearing thin.

Other than that, hmmm.... not sure what else to write. I need to get myself dressed and ready to go teach, but I'm procrastinating about that just a wee bit. My plan for the day is to go teach my class and then to flee the premises immediately so as to get a good afternoon of work done. On the agenda today is to:

1) polish one chapter of the manuscript (in the form of rephrasing jargon-laden grad-school prose, eliminating ridiculous and unnecessary notes, etc.)
2) read two chapters of the book I'm doing a review-ish piece for.
3) catch up on grading in one of my classes.
4) clean out my bookbag (which tragically I did not accomplish this weekend.
5) go to the gym (for the first time in AGES)
6) go to the grocery store for supplies (i.e., diet black cherry vanilla coke)

It's a lot, but I think it's manageable. Especially after the sloth of the past three days.

And by the way? I really make a delicious meatloaf, but nobody - and I mean nobody - needs to eat meatloaf every two hours in a crazy gluttonous celebration of it. No, not even me. (Have decided not to worry about eating in a low-cal way for the next month - with the stipulation being that I must cook the delicious things I eat from scratch rather than relying on processed foods. Something has to give somewhere, and I really don't think it's possible to focus on diet when one has all of the stuff to focus on that I've really got to focus on right now.)

Ok, on that note, I've got to get myself together and get my relaxed ass to school.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

YEA for relaxed weekends.

Do you freeze your meatloaf? If so, how? After debate season I'd like to do more cooking for myself, but I'm kind of unsure as to how to make it survive a while in the freezer.

Eddie said...

I hated Kirsten Dunst's dress! That girl from American Idol also had a weird Dracula-like jacket thingie on.

Sisyphus said...

Mmm, sloth ... if I had to pick one animal that described me, that would be it. On the other hand, I'm not sure it's my favorite Deadly Sin --- there are so many great ones to choose from! Gluttony, Pride, Annoyance at People Who Can't Drive --- yeah, good times.

Sisyphus said...

PS ----- if you have an email address associated with this blog, I can't find it. Where should I be looking? S.

Dr. Crazy said...

You can reach me at reassignedtime at gmail dot com or at reassignedtime at yahoo dot com. (I think you get to the email address if you click on my profile - but you're right, it's not listed on the actual page :)

Dr. Crazy said...

Oh, and as for freezing meatloaf, I believe you can, but I freeze everything, so maybe i'm not the best person to ask? At any rate, so as to avoid freezer burn, I recommend wrapping it in foil and then putting it in a freezer bag. Or, if you're like me, you can just gorge yourself on the meatloaf until it is gone. Which is disgusting, but apparently that's who I am :)

phd me said...

What is this energy you speak of and where might I get some?

And you can freeze just about anything. I go the "wrap in saran wrap, then foil" route for sliceable items; soups and chilis go into plastic containers.