Monday, February 19, 2007

Mondays Suck

On the to-do list for today:

1) Teach. (And can I tell you how much I DON'T feel like teaching this morning? Ugh.)
2) My annual activity report, in which I have to answer a series of detailed questions and justify "weaker" areas of my performance, even though I'm totally overperforming for this job. Because this pisses me off so much, I have put it off until the last possible day to finish it.
3) Some kind of advising meeting, which promises to make me pissed off and angry.
4) An "emergency" committee meeting, about something that annoys me.
5) Grading.

This is why I don't blog anymore. Because my life is annoying and irritating and filled with tasks that piss me off.


Sisyphus said...

Wait, you don't have off for Prez' day? I hope you don't have the situation I just saw: a bunch of the med. residents, all dressed in their scrubs and lab coats, all left my building as I was sitting outside with my tea. Five minutes later, they all wandered back in a blob, and told the late person they ran into "go back, we were told we shouldn't have come in today."

Here's hoping you get to climb back into bed with some hot chocolate.

Tenured Radical said...

You need a hug, Crazy.


Ancarett said...

Oh, poor Crazy. The only good committee meeting is a completed committee meeting, so you have my sympathies, there.

Oso Raro said...

Turn that frown around, Charlie Brown! Summer's almost here (delusionally optimistic, I know)!

Dr. Crazy said...

I'll believe summer's almost here when the foot of snow has melted and the ice has evaporated from the walkways :)

And yep, we've got school on president's day. And we have a 16 week semester. We don't get off for Veteran's day either. And we start back before MLK day and before Labor Day. Our schedule is one of my primary things that I hate about my current job. (In grad school, our schedule, after all the holidays and stuff, meant we had approximately a 12 week semester. No lie.)

And yes, I do need a hug. Though I did accomplish most of what I needed to accomplish today, and I decided to ditch one of my meetings, as I don't think I'll be missed if I'm not there :)

helenesch said...

I agree--Mondays suck! Here's a virtual hug, Dr. C (I think I need one, too!) I've still got hours of work left to do tonight. But the weather--well, it hit 40 here today, and although I could enjoy it only by walking between buildings during meetings, it really did feel warm--like summer almost. Seriously, after a couple weeks of sub-zero windchill...

And we have 15 week semesters, which I thought were long! I didn't know they could be any longer.