Thursday, April 27, 2006

Questions/Answers on a Thursday Morning


  1. Why, when the Greek called last night, did I not answer the phone?
  2. Why, when the Greek left a message, did he not leave his phone number so that I could return the call?
  3. Why didn't I eat breakfast?
  4. Why do I have to teach today?
  5. Why did I agree to attend a luncheon this afternoon instead of telling them to send my certificate of completion in campus mail?
  6. Why did I agree to attend a reception tomorrow afternoon, on paper-turn-in-day, when under non-reception circumstances I'd be in my office wearing yoga pants and sneakers?


  1. Because I was wicked exhausted and when the phone rang I was asleep and drooling. Not a good state of mind for a first phone conversation.
  2. Because he's married? Lives with a girlfriend? Lives with his mother? Is paranoid about being stalked?
  3. Because the block of time reserved for "breakfast" was spent instead on "snoozing."
  4. Because I am being paid back for some horrible crime I committed in a past life.
  5. Because I am an idiot. Also because I always think that these sorts of things sound good and will make me look collegial and that they won't be painful until I have to go to them.
  6. Because I forgot that if I do this reception thing I'd have to dress up - at least a little.


Dr. Medusa said...

If I were at a party with you and some guy was chatting you up and I knew that that guy was married, I would run up to you and say (right in front of him, mind you) in a loud whisper: "MARRIED! MARRIED!" while pointing at my left ring finger. :)

Too bad we do not have these options with

Derrick said...

In the office wearing yoga pants and sneakers?

Heck, I would have spent my twenties getting a Ph.D. if I knew that! (except, probably no yoga pants for me. Well, some kind of pants but probably not yoga pants)

Baruch Grazer said...

When I'm tenured (count chickens much? after I graduate, get a job, and then get tenured), I'm going to trade in my shave-and-necktie teaching persona for a disheveled-unkempt-genius teaching persona. Yoga pants and sneakers every day!

Dr. Crazy said...

Medusa: I can't believe you brought up that story on my blog! Ah, memories.

Derrick and Baruch: Only on days when I'm not actually in the classroom do I dress in such a relaxed fashion, but yes, it is one of the perks of working in a university setting that I can choose to do so. But hey - we need perks - it's not like we get paid very much given all of our education and training ;)

Weezy said...

Because I am being paid back for some horrible crime I committed in a past life.

This made me laugh SO hard! Just what I needed today! Thanks!

Dr. Crazy said...

I'm glad I could make you laugh, Weezy :)