Monday, April 03, 2006

Damn That Springing Forward!

Well, I certainly am sluggish this Monday morning, and I blame Daylight Saving (is it Saving or Savings?) Time. Why must we save the daylight? Why must I lose that hour of sleep? (Though this does mean that the Man-Kitty is now waking up later, according to the clock, for he rises with the birdies, and so actually I probably got exactly the same amount of sleep. Hmm. Still, the psychological reality is that I feel cheated.)

Now, I've been thinking about doing a feminism post, related to the discussion happening at Dr. Virago's and elsewhere, but that seems like a big effort for a day when I'm feeling so cheated of sleep. And then I've been thinking that I'm long overdue for a teaching post (well, I did do the pedagogy post last week, but I've not done a teaching post about my actual classes for a long time), but I'm not really that into the teaching lately. And I'd write about my research, but apparently I'm worrying well-meaning readers everywhere with my drama, and so I don't want to write about that. So what does that leave?


Well. You'd think that I had given up on boys after the disappointment with the Chemist. Not so, dear readers. Indeed, I have been slowly but surely advancing correspondence with a couple of (tall) suitors, while still maintaining contact with The Chemist. Here's the update:

The Chemist: Ok, well, so I've been kind of an asshole, in that I've blown him off a bit since the date, but I needed to do so in order to get my work done (primary reason), in order to take space to think the whole thing through (secondary reason), and in order to make it easier to take the romance out of the equation with him (tertiary reason). That said, I haven't been mean or anything - just I've been focused on other things. I think this is positive.

Stavros: Well, after our initial foray into "open communication," there was silence. But then I got a message that there had been a family emergency, and that he hadn't forgotten about me, etc. Hmmm. We shall see. The cynic in me thinks the family emergency is code for "I've been on dates with a ton of other people," but that's actually a really fucked up thing to suspect, given the family emergency that he described.

Tiger: (He's a golf pro, and thus the name - hee!). Well, he is quite good-looking. I think he might be a jerk, though. And maybe a little dumb. But he is quite good-looking. And he's tall. Hmmmm.... (And yes, I am this shallow.)

So yes, this is the update on the boys.

And now I need to go accomplish things. Tra la!


gingajoy said...

if only you could combine chemist and tiger. and go ahead, be shallow. (p.s. well done on the article)

Cats & Dogma said...
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Cats & Dogma said...

Previous comment deleted due to incomprehensibility. What I meant to say was . . .

arghharghh. Daylight Savings. I compounded that nasty little phenomenon with a trip to the west coast this weekend, and so I lost 4 hours in the last day instead of just 3. My body is soooooo confused.

itinerarium said...

tra la? damn, you are inexplicably chipper. And I'm all in favour of shallow as well - occasionally there are untold depths....

Barry said...

You know, this chemist fellow, he might come right mightn't he? You were cruise director for your date, but is he always going to be that passive, do you think?

It could be worse, in terms of chemists: it could have been George of Desperate Housewives.