Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Am I Procrastinating or Just Not Working?

I can't tell. It doesn't feel like procrastination, because while it is true that I have things that I should do or could be doing, I don't really have any pressing things to deal with right at this moment. Thus, I'm kind of free, at the moment, to hang out in my office until the student who's coming for advising comes for her appointment. I think - dare I say it? - that I'm relaxing. I've been reading blogs and just kind of puttering around. Yes, I should be writing some letters of recommendation (sigh) and dealing with travel arrangement issues (double-sigh), but I don't need to do those things right now. Huh. Maybe I'll actually do a real blog post. Apparently, I don't have anything else that I really need to do. Let me go think of something about which to write, and I will be back.

Oh, and an update on the Chemist. I think I successfully friended him last night. If this is true, I am so happy. Because I really do like the Chemist, as much as I don't think that the whole thing is a love connection. Maybe I didn't get into this whole thing to make friends, but making friends is never a bad thing. Also, I think I'll be happy when the time is up on the 3-month subscription next month, because I really think I'll be ready for a break. All in all this has been a good experience, and an educational one, but yeah. It's exhausting. I think that I might reserve online dating for only winter and spring, and go it on my own in the summer and fall months. This seems like a sensible approach to this nonsense at the moment, at any rate. Ok, off I go to think of something real about which to post!

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