Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Have Lost My Mind

And apparently part of this is that I've decided to start randomly contacting dudes in my eHarmony cue. Is it that with only a month left on the membership I feel like I've got to get my money's worth? Who knows. What I do know is that I really don't have time to correspond with any of them, should they respond. Ah well. Every girl needs a gaggle of imaginary boyfriends....


D.B. said...

I just imagined I was one of your imaginary boyfriends. I think that means we're figments of each other's imagination. Holy mise-en-abyme!

Derrick said...

Dr. C,

Do you think you can find compatibility with a non-academic or someone without an advanced degree?

At a banquet with colleagues last evening one of the few Ph.Ds on our campus was talking about his dating interests and it seemed he was most attracted to someone with comparable educational attainment.

That does mirror my own experience, as well. The first woman in my dating life to really seem to click with me is an old classmate from my grad school.

I have noticed the same trend elsewhere and wondered if you think this is really a HUGE issue.

Dr. Crazy said...

DB :)

Derrick - Well, I think that it's less of an issue for me than it is for guys who want to date me, truthfully. They go all weird about the PhD, and so I think it's important that whomever I find is a) entirely satisfied with his career/station in life and b) not compelled to try to get into intellectual pissing contests to prove something to himself or to me. And I think that would go for an academic guy or a non-academic guy, honestly.

As for me, I could deal with being with somebody who does not have their PhD/similar, but I need to be with somebody who is intellectually curious and whos intelligence I respect. I don't think that level of education is the same thing as those two things. There are a lot of idiots with advanced degrees ;)

And remember - I'm in the first generation in my family to go to college and I have a great many friends who are non-academics, and so I'm not weirded out by that. Again, the issue is more one of men being intimidated by or in awe of my PhD that ruins my forays into non-academic dating waters.

Derrick said...

I can seriously relate to the intellectual curiosity comment.

When I started dating (and currently still date) my old classmate I was surprised at how good it was to be able to talk about each other's work. I had no idea how much I missed that.

And we spend a lot of conversation time wondering out loud about new interests or things we might want to get back to some day.

It is genuine companionship and as I get closer to 50 that seems more rewarding. I feel pretty lucky to have finally found something like this.

Professor Zero said...

Ah, yes...for years, people asked me why I didn't date academics. The answer was easy. My dates weren't as degreed as I, but they were smart and informed people, and they got me away from work, which was good! Now I live with an academic and it is also good to be able to talk about our work. The downside is that sometimes we talk about it too much. all depends. Your comments on online are interesting and amusing, Dr. Crazy :-)