Wednesday, April 26, 2006

ABC's - Because My Blog Is Taking Itself Far Too Seriously

And because everybody in the free world has already done this one and I'm feeling left out.

Accent: Midwestern, entirely distinct, 5 years living in the NE did not shake it and now that I'm back near my hometown it's entirely back. When I lived in the NE, people guessed that I was from: Upstate NY, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Chicago. When I lived in Chicago, people thought I was from Upstate NY. I am from neither, though I am clearly from the Great Lakes Region. Because of this accent my pronunciation of French is beyond pitiful. I apologize to my students for this, and none of them know what I'm talking about because their accents are as bad if not worse than my own.

Booze: Yes, please.

Chore I Hate: Weeding through the mountains of paper that I collect. It is a neverending task, and no one else can do it. I also dislike mopping, as well as vaccuuming.

Dog or Cat: I own a kitty, but doggies are nice as well. I do think cats are more our equals, though.

Essential Electronics: Ok, I'm going to say it because I haven't seen that anybody else has - obviously, the answer is a vibrator (teehee!)

Favorite Cologne(s): Jean Paul Gaultier, Amor Amor by Cacharel, and I don't know what else - those are what I've been wearing lately.

Gold or Silver: Neither most of the time - I am usually naked of jewelry. I've been known to wear both, and my lucky jewelry is gold.

Hometown: Home of the Indians, Midwest

Insomnia: Once when I was an undergraduate for about a month, once more recently - a month or two ago? - but only for a couple of nights. Normally, I'm a really good sleeper. I've dated a couple of insomniacs and I found I really resent them. Go figure. I'm prejudiced against people who can't sleep (but only if I share a bed with them). Who knew?

Job Title: Assistant Professor.

Kids: Yeah, I resent the fuck out of this question. Maybe because I'm sick of people in real life asking me if I have them, and then when I say no, asking if I'll ever want them. I'm more than a womb on legs, people!

Living arrangements: Apartment, because I'm commitment-phobic and thus can't fathom owning anything.

Most admirable trait: I'm incredibly persistent. I also think I'm very optimistic.

Number of sexual partners: Tragically, at the moment, none. Why does this matter anyway? Nobody's answering it honestly, if we're looking for The Number. All of the women are putting some cagey answer down like we're afraid to be called whores (as I just did as well).

Overnight hospital stays: Like Dr. V, only when I was born did I stay overnight in a hospital.

Phobias: I don't think I have any. Oh no, that's a lie! Feet! Other people's feet touching me, or people touching my feet, or - the worst - another's foot coming into contact with my own feet. Yeah, I'm not into that. I do like my own feet, and I like my cat's feet (sometimes I think if people had cat feet I'd be much less skeeved out by them), but unless you are my one true love, do not even think about putting your feet near me - or touching your feet to my feet - EEWWWW!

Quote: "I love my dead gay son."

Religion: Raised Catholic, can't really imagine being anything else, though I'm a heathen and I never go to church.

Siblings: Two half-brothers.

Time I wake up: Lately? Like 5 AM because my cat is a morning person. But then I go back to sleep until like 7:30-8:30. Yes, even on weekends. And I'm NOT naturally a morning person.

Unusual talent or skill: I have no idea. I'm sure I've got one, but at the moment I am entirely too tired to figure out what it is. If any of my readers think they know of one, just put it in the comments :)

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Brussel Sprouts. I won't even let them into my house. For real - my mom tries to bring them every Thanksgiving, and I won't let them cross the threshold.

Worst habit: I've kind of been smoking again lately (I know, I know, I'm quitting again....)

X-rays: Pinky finger (a basketball accident combined with slamming it in a car door = broken pinky), big toe (an ill-advised attempt to throw water at each other using coffee cans with friends when I was a kid ended in a coffee can landing on my big toe and breaking it), teeth. I think that's all.

Yummy foods I make: There really are too many to list (she says, blushing), but some are Lasagna, chicken paprikash, meat loaf, any number of delicious pasta dishes and casseroles, roast beef with mashed potatoes, Thanksgiving Dinner....

Zodiac sign: Leo on the Western Calendar, Tiger on the Chinese. Is it any wonder I have a Man-Kitty? Even though he's a Cancer, so who knows....


Dr. Virago said...

people guessed that I was from: Upstate NY, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Chicago

Ah, a creature of the northern cities vowel shift! (Yes, there's a reason why people guessed those places and not, say, Missouri.)

Feet! Other people's feet touching me, or people touching my feet, or - the worst - another's foot coming into contact with my own feet.

Ok, that's hilarious! Good thing you're not involved with Quentin Tarantino. Or a podiatrist. :)

"I love my dead gay son."

Dammit -- why didn't I think of that? Now I'm going to change mine to something less lame. :)

History Geek said...

I'd like to think that we're not being cagey, we just can't remeber the extact number.

AAYOR said...

Loved you before, but after I read your quote, I loved you more.

That is my favorite. movie. from HS. I cant begin to estimate the number of times that Ive seen it.

Anonymous said...

more brussel sprouts for me.

Scrivener said...

You resent insomniacs? Because they're having so much fun while you sleep? Or you mean because they get in the way of you sleeping?

I'm glad to see that you just answered the "admirable trait" question straight, no lame dodging of the question.

ceresina said...

"I made your favorite.
With lots of oregano.

Dr. Crazy said...

Look at all of the Heathers fans out there! Yes, it was totally my favorite movie in high school as well, AAYOR. Good times.

History Geek: I certainly hope we all can't remember the number. That would be reassuring :)

Scriv: Resentful on both counts, I think, though at different times. Though maybe I just resented those boyfriends and the insomnia was something to latch onto that was easier to articulate than, "wow, my boyfriend just sucks." And as for not being cagey about the most admirable trait thing, well, I've gotten pretty good at answering that sort of question through the course of the online dating.

seadragon said...

of course, the vibrator. What was I thinking? and in the same vein
re: number of sexual partners-- mixed feelings on this. Okay, I don't want imaginary future biographers thinking I'm a whore, but I also think that I have all sorts of guilt on that, and feel no need to be honest. Stupid double standard.