Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Bullets of Moving and Whatnot

  • So I'm living in my new house, but I'm still not entirely out of the apartment. The Salvation Army came today to take a bunch of stuff, but somehow I still have some things that need to be moved over here and some things that need to be thrown away. I got a lot accomplished this morning, but I could not make myself stay there after the SA guys came. I suppose it's a good thing that I've got a full week before I absolutely have to be out of the apartment.
  • You may wonder how the kitties handled the move. Well. The Man-Kitty is a sensitive soul who finds any sort of upheaval very disturbing, so upon being brought to the new house, he proceeded to yowl for approximately 45 minutes as if in some sort of horrible agony, and refused to come out in the open but instead hid first behind boxes and then in the front hall closet. Mr. Stripey seemed to feel better about the change of scenery, but did face a difficulty in that he had no clue how to use stairs and so I had to try to model stair-climbing for him. So anyway, at one point he was trapped in the basement mewing, and Man-Kitty was hiding on the first floor and yowling, and I really was deeply concerned that we would never be at peace again. After a bit, though, Mr. Stripey was totally chilled out and back to normal, and the Man-Kitty is now mostly his usual self, though remains a bit skittish.
  • I got new upgraded internet access so now everything is wicked fast! Huzzah!
  • I also now have a DVR, and I feel like on the one hand it's a very cool thing to have but on the other hand it seems a little overrated? We'll see.
  • I bought much new furniture on Saturday (new headboard/footboard, new mattress/boxspring, new drop-lid desk for living room, new chest of drawers) and have also bought a lot of new house-holdy items (sheets, towels, closet organizers, coffee pot, microwave) and so on the one hand I'm feeling like a shop-a-holic who is irresponsible but on the other hand I'm really excited for my house to be put together for once and for all.
  • I have to give a conference paper in just under two weeks. Ummm....


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

When we had the Supreme Court Cats (3 that were together for years, and the only way they'd be going away is to die..) every move entailed a new hierarchy -- with all the tussles that involves.

I have a really fun image in my head of you trying to teach Mr. Stripey how to go up stairs..

Janice said...

Moving to our last house really unnerved our grumpy old cat who actually curled up on the sofa next to my husband (who she generally despised) while I was out teaching nights.

What I like best about our PVR is that when my family (inevitably) phones right during the middle of some long-awaited show, I don't have to miss it. The PVR automatically records several hours of what you're watching so it enables instant replay!

Belle said...

O yes, the joys of assuring cats that the move is good for all. Eventually, when they discover all the pleasures of many windows and racing up/down stairs in the middle of the night, they will deny any move-related trauma. It's the feline way.

Meanwhile, it sounds like a fun shopping trip! All that new stuff; loverly.

Susan said...

Well, they do have to claim the territory. When I brought my kitties home, they hid under the bed for the first 24 hours. Then they gradually claimed one room after another....