Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In Which I Cut Myself Some Slack

I accomplished VERY little today. By "very little" I mean I made a list and packed two boxes. You know what? Sometimes you need a break, and the thing to remember with moving is that, like grading at the end of the semester, moving day will happen and somehow I will get everything done by the time that day comes.

But so anyway, I'm boring. I thought about all the stuff I wasn't accomplishing, and I took a nap. Ah well. Maybe I'll get a few more boxes packed tonight and then I will feel less like a slacker.


PhysioProf said...

I think you know what to do.

Dr. Crazy said...

Well, I feel like what you mean is drink MFJ. :)

Maude Lebowski said...

You know, when I was packing to move here, there were several days in a row where I did good to get one box packed. Sometimes I only got half a box packed. Packing and moving, no matter how exciting and good is exhausting both physically and mentally.

PhysioProf is right--drink. :) Drink helps with packing, too.