Friday, May 07, 2010

In Which Crazy Owns a House!!!!

Which is very exciting.

Except I'm kind of annoyed. The seller still isn't freaking moved out. So I have yet to go into the damned house that I just signed away my life for. Sort of an anti-climax given the fact that I made the offer on the house a full two months ago.

I know, I know. I'm being kind of a baby. She couldn't get into her apartment until today, and she couldn't get people to move her crap until tomorrow. And her life sucks, because she just lost her house. So I am trying to be compassionate. But it sucks!!!!! I want that bitch out of my house!!!!! MY house!!!!! NOT her house anymore!!!! Waaanh!

I want her OUT.

And I also want for her not to be such a dummy that she couldn't even figure out that she needed to be home (or to leave a door open) in order to get the meter read so that the utilities could transfer, and so now I'm dealing with the hassle of dealing with the gas/electric company and rescheduling and blah.

But, clearly she is a dummy or she wouldn't have mortgaged her life away only to lose her house. So. Whatever. All of this will be over soon, and I will change the locks and make that little sweet house MY home. And tonight I'm going to drink wine and pack. Not exactly how I wanted to spend the evening, but still, at least it's for real happening and all the things have been signed and all is done that can be done for now.

Perhaps more later, when perhaps I'll stop being a whiny little bitch and start being as positive as I really do feel deep down.


Kendra said...


And also good luck. She's leaving soon, and then it'll be yours, all yours!

PhysioProf said...

Evict the bitch!! You know you want to!!!!

Lawgirl said...

Congrats lady!!

T.E. said...


Dr. Crazy said...

You know I want to, CP!!! But, she will be gone tomorrow, and it will be fine. I'm just disappointed that I wasn't able immediately to wander through my new house and roll around on the floor while muttering, "mine! all mine!" Ah well, tomorrow I shall get all of that out of my system :)

PhysioProf said...

Don't forget the MFJ!!!!

Dr. Crazy said...

You know, I may need to buy some MFJ with which to inaugurate the house... INDEED.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! And you'll be in just in time to plant some pretty flowers!