Sunday, May 09, 2010

Ah, Home Sweet Home!

Well, actually, I'm writing this not from my house but from my stupid apartment. My house is empty and doesn't have internet yet. But that's right, it's EMPTY! I went over as soon as I heard, and it is fantastic and everything is as it should be. I do plan to spend a day cleaning before moving in, for while the refrigerator was emptied out, it was NOT cleaned, and the kitchen and bathroom floors seem like they weren't mopped, and I noticed some dust and stuff on window-sills... you know, I'm filthy in my own life, but I cannot stand the thought of moving into somebody else's filth. When I looked at the refrigerator, all I could think of was that episode of John and Kate Plus Eight when they moved into their "forever home" which turned out to be more like a "six months and then we'll have a very messy divorce home" and Kate scrubbing out the refrigerator for hours like a maniac.

In other news, I packed a couple more boxes of books today (and I still have more to pack - I'll be shocked if I don't have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 full boxes of books), and I avoided grading. I think that grading will be my task for the day tomorrow (other than calling on a few different things - like to transfer the garbage pick-up into my name, for not only do I live in a place with weird things regarding transfer of property, it is also a (former?) mafia stronghold where "sanitation" and "waste removal" are handled by a private company and not by the city. Once the grading is done, I can devote myself to Project Move.

In other news, I think that I have decided - at least I'm about 90% of the way to this decision - that I'm going to bail on my July conference. I'm not going to get any money from my department to go, it's happening all the way across the country, it falls at an AWFUL time (it ends the day before my cousin's wedding), and you know, I just don't really want to go anymore. I feel badly about backing out, but at the same time, you know, I'm doing another conference already this summer, and maybe I need to focus on things on the home front more than I need to focus on going to conferences right now.

So. Tomorrow: Grading, as well as taking a few more things over to the house and maybe mopping some floors. Oh, and calling on bunches of things that are house-related. And then Tuesday, final meeting of last-minute search committee and more house-related stuff. Wednesday through Friday, PACKING. And then we'll see where I am.

It's all happening! It is, it is!


Doctor Pion said...

Awesome! We await your first blog from the Nook of Ideas.

Are you moving your own stuff? If not, you can save a ton of money by moving that ton of books yourself. They usually charge by the pound. And if you do move the books, that process is made very easy if you can borrow or rent a "hand truck". The ones with a caterpillar tread along the back (for moving up and down stairs) are worth their weight in gold.

PhysioProf said...

w00t!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you have a nook of MFJ!!!!!!

Dr. Crazy said...

Dr. P - I'm hiring movers, but I don't have much furniture, and I've alerted the movers to the book situation. The movers I'm hiring charge by the hour, not by the pound, which is one of the reasons these are my movers:) It should end up being under $500, (actually they think it's going to be $275 but I'm overestimating so that I don't wig out over the price), so in other words, all is good with the moving.

CP... A Nook of M-F Jameson sounds much more fun than a Nook of Ideas... Hmmmm. Am thinking this over (seriously).

BrightStar (B*) said...

also, I know it's more money... but you could hire cleaners, too. :)

Have fun settling in to your new place!

Dr. Crazy said...

Ah, Brightstar, FB wanted to buy me cleaners as a "you bought a new house" present, and I refused (telling him I'd rather he just gave me money :) ). I sort of want to clean it myself. Something about doing the cleaning will make it feel like it's mine, if that makes sense. (That said, if it really was a Den of Filth, I'd hire cleaners without a doubt - there's not much to be done to make it spic and span, which is why the cleaning seems like a cool thing for me to do :) )

Dr. Rural said...

When I bought my house, I had neither the time nor the money to do certain things before I moved in -- like clean the rugs (or better yet, get new ones) or rip down a whole lot of wallpaper. I have regretted this fact a hundred times since. If at all possible, if it needs doing around the house, do it before you move all your furniture in!!

May you be very happy in your new home!

Ann said...

Isn't it amazing how a stack of papers or exams that must be graded can make mopping floors and cleaning someone else's grungy fridge look fun and entertaining?

My house always shines when grades are due.

PhysioProf said...

CP... A Nook of M-F Jameson sounds much more fun than a Nook of Ideas... Hmmmm. Am thinking this over (seriously).

Hire me to be your NOMFJ consultant!