Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All Packing/Unpacking All The Time

I feel like I haven't had an idea in like 2 months with all of this moving stuff. I mean, I guess I have, but you know what I mean. And while I'd like to write something of some sort of intellectual or academic interest, all I really have to write about is packing/unpacking.

Why packing, you ask? Well, because I've still got some odds/ends at the old place that need to make their way to the new place between now and the end of the month (the plan is to go over every day and grab a few boxes - should be done by Friday). Unpacking I should think would be obvious, but it's in some ways the most frustrating thing because since I'm waiting on furniture deliveries and need to do some painting, I feel like I can't unpack. This is actually pretty stupid, because there are loads of things that I can totally unpack, but I'm having trouble figuring out where things go.... You see.

The kitchen is nearly totally unpacked and organized, however, and I'm very happy with that. Today I think I'm going to tackle the bathroom (well, what I can tackle in there.... I really need to buy some sort of cabinet for bathroom storage, but until that happens, I'll only sort of unpack in there). And then, I suppose I can begin with the books.

See how boring I am? Oh, though I suppose I also have begun to think in earnest about my conference paper, which I plan to draft over the weekend.

All right. I guess that's all because I'm even boring to myself.


Susan said...

When I move, I will always unpack the kitchen first. Then I can eat. Then I get the bed made so I can sleep. Books and stuff like that tends to take longer, but there are more of them...

If I can sleep and eat, then I can think, though a conference paper? That's hard!

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Actually, I'm enjoying the moving updates. I can't afford a home where I live, so it's like vicarious grown-uped-ness to watch you paint, unpack, and settle in.