Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Packing Update #2

Since last I reported, I have
  1. Talked to my mom on the phone.
  2. Talked to A. on the phone.
  3. Texted with BES (who will call when she's done with dinner).
  4. Talked to Medusa on the phone.
In addition to all of the phone talking, I have:
  1. Had a glass of wine. (expect updates to become slurred as the evening progresses)
  2. Cleaned off TV and TV stand.
  3. Unplugged and put in a safe place the lamp from the one end table.
  4. Removed and cleaned tiles from the top of my coffee and end tables and boxed them.
  5. Thrown a bunch of piddly shit into a basket, which I suspect will end up either in a box or in the back of my Awesome Hatchback of Moving Goodness.
  6. Moved coffee and end tables to less central locations, so that I can commence with some vacuuming.
Once I have finished with the vacuuming, on the agenda is to pack my nightstand (books, random crap), and all remaining clothes/linens, at which point the bedroom/bathroom will be totally done (linens are in the bathroom) will be done.

Onward, ho!


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PhysioProf said...

Pictures, or it didn't happen!!11!!!1!!!ELEBENBNYY!~~~~~~