Monday, May 10, 2010

Productivity is Really Exhausting.

Accomplished today:
  • Bought cleaning supplies and some other odds and ends to keep me busy at the house.
  • Waited around for hours for the gas company to come and read the meter.
  • While waiting, graded finals and tabulated final grades for two of three classes. Also, wiped down baseboards and window sills, cleaned windows in dining room and living room. (For those keeping score, that was 9 windows plus the glass front door, and yes, that was only two rooms of my house.)
  • After the gas company showed up, I then came back to the apartment to grade my 3rd class and to post all final grades. Aside from one straggler, I am DONE with grading until January of 2011!
  • I then went to Lowes, where I bought things for painting. I fear that the old man at the paint counter sold me a gallon more of one color of paint than I needed, and in addition, the guy who mixed up my paint samples for other rooms gave me two of one sample and failed to give me another sample I'd requested. Whatever the case, it's all fine, because I really like the one color so didn't really need the sample that was forgotten anyway, and, well, it sucks to have a gallon of paint that one doesn't need, but I'm sure I'll find a use for it or find somebody else who wants it or something.
  • Oh, and I've begun the project of painting the Nook. I got about 1/3 of the way done, and then decided I was tired and would continue tomorrow. I feel like there might be some rule about not doing that, but if there is, don't tell me about it. Was just too exhausted to continue on.
So all in all, a very busy day. Tomorrow I've got a meeting at school, and then I'm DONE with my semester! D-O-N-E. The time of my summer fellowship will officially have begun, and then, in Fall, sabbatical. I just have to make sure that I get all major crap that *I'm* doing with the house done in the next month or so, so that I can focus on other things. (I'm not saying all things that will be done on the house will be done in 1 month, but I'm saving the things that I'll hire other people to do for me for after that time.)

Oh, and you know what? I am so not used to living in a house with stairs! I think I'm partly so exhausted just because I went up and down so many times!


PhysioProf said...

Oh, and I've begun the project of painting the Nook.

The NOMFJ? What color is it gonna be?

Dr. Crazy said...

You'll have to wait until it's all set up - then I'll post pictures :) (In other words, you'll need to wait a couple of weeks... I know, the suspense is killing you...)

Notorious Ph.D. said...

I am so happy for all the good that's come your way. And when I started my sabbatical, it wasn't so much the grading, it was taking home the professional-lady shoes that live in my office last December, and thinking, "I'm not putting these on again until SEPTEMBER!"

Crescentius Matherus said...

"I think I'm partly so exhausted just because I went up and down so many times!"

That's what she said...

PhysioProf said...


Bardiac said...


I'm told you can store paint longer if you turn it over so the part that's ever been opened dries and seals itself first. It seems to have worked with the paints I've used and needed to reuse.

Musey_Me said...

Yay for taking time to make your new home the way you want it! I can't wait to see the pics.