Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Dr. Crazy Halloween Costume

Well, Aayor tagged me for this meme, and I think it's a brilliant idea. Just imagine all of the Dr. Crazies at grad student halloween parties, and all of the kids who want to dress like Dr. Crazy, too!

So, the meme is this:

" If I were designing a [my blog title/pseud here] Halloween costume, it would consist of..."

[My Rule: Try to choose something representative rather than your most stylish/most interesting/most h.o.t. outfit].

I know that we're supposed to choose something representative, BUT I think that the Dr. Crazy costume would have two different possible outfits, for Dr. Crazy is sort of like a super hero who has different clothes for different tasks.

Option One: Teacher Crazy
  • A wildly patterned skirt, usually knee-length.
  • A solid-colored top, often black, that may or may not have sleeves.
  • A black cardigan.
  • This watch. Sadly, there are no other accessories because Dr. Crazy can't accessorize for shit.
  • Stylish and yet comfortable shoes, such as these.
Option Two: Scholar Crazy.
  • Well, obviously this would be the outfit described (and in part pictured) here. Obviously the main accessory is the tiara, but also there may or may not be a cloth hair bands/head-wrap thingie thrown into the mix.
Okeydokey. So I tag whoever wants to be tagged.


AAYOR said...

Just like Veronica.
Maybe you should buy a Swatch.


Dr. Crazy said...

I knew you'd catch that reference, A. :)

shrinkykitten said...

Cutest shoes ever!!!!