Wednesday, September 13, 2006

RfP Wednesday: Back to the Potter

Because the only "new" reading I've done lately is neither new, nor is it for pleasure alone. Yes, I spent yesterday in my bed reading a novel, but it was a novel for my upper-div. class, and so I won't be writing about it here. Yet, as you know, I do like to reread the Potter before bedtime, so I just wanted to note a couple of new things that are rattling around in my brain.

1) At the beginning of The Goblet of Fire, Harry "dreams" what's going on with Voldemort and Wormtail. The two are discussing having to kill somebody to get to Harry, and when Harry awakens, he immediately conflates the two things, thinking they're talking about killing him. I think we're going to find out that somebody (Dumbledore's brother Aberforth?) was killed by Voldemort/Wormtail, and that this was in some way necessary to set the stage for Voldemort's return to a body.

2) While I do think that Snape is actually good, I'm still wondering about how occlumency/legilimency/seeing into other people's memories is going to play out in the final book. It does seem to me that Snape was not really committed to teaching Harry how to block his thoughts/feelings, and I wonder now whether this was intentional on his part, but if it was, I'm not sure I get the way he emphasizes his own ability to control himself in Book 6.

3) What's the deal with the fact that there are so many apparently single and childless wizards on the Good Side whereas on the Dark Side it seems like there are a lot more marriages?

4) I would like to be able to transfigure into a cat. I think it would be nice.

Sadly, that is all for RfP Wednesday this week.


michelle said...

Your posts have me seriously considering rereading Potter as well. I was wandering around The Leaky Cauldron site looking for bits and pieces about the upcoming book and I think it is time for a reread.

I do think Snape is good. I just don't think he will be easily redeemed. There are still too many things we don't know and I think you're right, the occlumency thing will play a part.

I read Keith Donohue's The Stolen Child this week for Rfp Wed. Fun book. Definitely "reading for pleasure."

Tiruncula said...

On 1): Surely Aberforth is alive and well and tending bar in the Hog's Head - and possibly even looking after the locket he scored off Dung?

On 2): That is a VERY interesting point. I hadn't really rethought the occlumency lessons fiasco since HBP, but I think you're right that it bears rethinking in light of Snape's possible motivations.

On 3): The Weasleys make up for everybody else, don't they?