Saturday, September 09, 2006

TCB - Woohoo!

1) I have completed a couple of tasks that I'd been putting off - yay!
2) I am heartened by the fact that I've got really great mentors. Compiling all of those materials for my possibly-not-going-to-make-any-difference job search is really not so horrible as I anticipated it might be.
3) I'm pretending that I'm going to finish my book proposal this weekend. This is funny, as it's only barely begun.
4) Isn't my little Man-Kitty darling? I miss him being a baby, but he's pretty nice as a full-grown Man-Cat.
5) I don't want to work out. I know I've GOT to do it, as I only worked out once this week. I also know that I'm heavier than I want to be, in part because I've been so erratic with the working out. Not tremendously so, but still. Nevertheless, I'm kind of thinking that I may just chalk up the dieting/working out until after the 15th, because I've got some revisions due on the 15th, I've got to get all my job search shit together by the 15th, and I've got a meeting with some muckety mucks that I'm kind of nervous about this week, etc. Maybe I shall stop feeling guilty and set a start date when some of these stressors are off my plate (so to speak).
6) I'm in love with the band Snow Patrol. Or their music at any rate.
7) Ok, must stop looking at the computer screen. Going either to the gym or to buy some kind of nasty food that will make me feel happy. (And yes, I know I could do both, but screw that.)


Kate said...

4) Yes, your Man-Kitty is darling. The same thing happened with me -- I lamented the loss of my babycat, but my bigcat is as spunky as he was when he was a kitten.

6) ME TOO.

Loralee Choate said...

#6! I heart them. I saw the video "Chasing Cars" and fell in love.

They make me happy.

AAYOR said...

Yep. Also a Snow Patrol fan!oxxyov

AAYOR said...

LMAO... those extra letters were my word verification letters but apparently I typed them in the wrong box the first time!