Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Afternoon TCB Edition

Ok, so I wasn't quite as productive as I might have been this weekend, because I bought a new computer that doesn't suck, and so I was playing around with it rather than accomplishing things. That said, I have rediscovered my love of playing with pretend people , and while this may at first seem like a time-suck, it actually has inspired me to ever greater heights of productivity. Yesterday, this was mostly home-focused. But since this morning, I have....

1. Finished revisions on a collection essay.
2. Found and commented on a student essay left over from the spring for a student who wanted feedback greater than just a grade.
3. Made 15 bucks from the Bookbuyer Man.
4. Graded two sets of quizzes.
5. Corresponded with a plethora of folks.

Now, I'm going to do the following:
1. Go to the grocery store.
2. Play with my people and kitty-cat. (This can be done simultaneously.)
3. Finish the novel for my class tomorrow.

And who knows what else? I should go to the gym, but I'd intended to get there much earlier than 2 PM, which is what time it will be by the time I would arrive there. Maybe it's ok to skip the gym as long as I get back on the eating right wagon? God, I hate working out. I hate it so much. But I digress. My point here, is I think it's actually good for me to think about living my life as if I'm queuing things up to do. Is that a good thing or a sad thing?

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Kate said...

Oh dear, the Sims is a glorious, glorious time-suck. I wasted a good chunk of a summer playing that game (well, the original one) in college.