Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I'm trying to put things in order with my stupid Binder From Hell, and I appear (in all of my clutteredness) to have misplaced a Very Important Letter which must go into the Binder from Hell. Want to scream, as well as to torture the person who invented this process by giving them enough paper cuts that they bleed to death (which may well be my fate if things keep going the way they're going). WHY can't I be the sort of person who makes sure she always keeps things in their proper place? Why don't I file? Why do I think that organizing things in a system of piles (or when things are very bad, just one pile, with layers that only I can fathom) is a system of organization? WHY?!?!?!?!

(Of course, rather than allowing myself to stress out over this I could do one of three other Important Tasks unrelated to the binder, but I'm a procrastinating fool. What's wrong with me?)


luolin said...

Not to encourage violent tendencies, but I have found that paper cuts from Manila folders bleed the most. I think I learned that while doing my tenure file.

BikeProf said...

Filing: overrated. Organization: overrated. Living on the edge: priceless. I am feeling your pain, though, as I am the same way.

helenesch said...

Maybe you are doing the rational thing and following profgrrrrl's advice: blog about the missing item and and it shall magically appear (I hope that worked for you!)