Friday, September 08, 2006

Binder from Hell - Finis!`

That's right, folks. Except for a couple of annoying things (extra copy of CV, new cover sheet) I am done with the Binder from Hell. Not only am I done with it - I am done with it one full week in advance of when it needs to be done.

In other news, after taking care of much important (and yet stressful and irritating) business over the last couple of days - including not only the binder, grading 22 summaries and 22 descriptive essays and 10 response papers, email correspondence I'd been putting off related to the job search and to some publication-related things, a meeting related to the admin thing I'm doing this semester, and meeting with advisees - I have also discovered this website. I'm addicted.

And in honor of this new addiction, and in honor of my 2-year anniversary with the Man-Kitty, I am going to post one of his baby pictures. I would never put him up to the scrutiny of the Kitten War. He is obviously above such objectification.


ScienceWoman said...

Oh dear. That site is addicting - and I'm a dog person. But I agree the Man Kitty is the clear winner.

Hilaire said...

So lovely!! Oh my gosh. Do you also visit - some lovely kittenry on there, as well.

Lina said...

Lovely MK!
Kitten Wars - jeez. I kept on voting for the less cute kittens cos I felt sorry for them.
Oh, site better than cuteoverload -

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

He's so sweet ---- but I also guess that you don't miss the moment of panic when you can't see or hear the kitten.... just imagining what they can get into and where they can go makes me happy to have grown cats.