Tuesday, September 19, 2006

God, I'm Boring When I'm Productive

Once again, I've been in TCB mode and so I haven't been feeling much urge to blog. Yes, I do want to blog about the male older/female younger professor thing, but I haven't found a way to do it yet. It's percolating. And then as for everything else, well, I don't know.

Ooh, here's something some of you might be interested in (but if you're not interested in the Potter then skip to the next paragraph): I was rereading the last Potter last night, and I realized (as I'm sure that many of you already had) that the Half-Blood Prince's book was from around 50 years ago, which is also when Voldemort was in school at Hogwarts. If the book belonged to Snape's mother, I wonder whether she and Voldemort knew one another (a), and what happened to her (b). This adds a whole interesting layer to the snape stuff, and it really necessitates us finding out more about his backstory, I think. The main question is, is Snape Voldemort's love child?

Ok, enough of that nonsense. Other than that, I have been shepherding my students through their first formal papers, grading, coming up with a presentation rubric, I've got two meetings with my dean upcoming that I probably should prepare for in some fashion, though I'm not sure exactly how to do so as I don't entirely know why I'm involved in these meetings, the job market stuff, blah blah blah.

See? Not interesting blogging material. I suppose I will ask a question, though, of those of you who continue to read the non-interesting me: What are your thoughts on D.H. Lawrence? Love him? Hate him? Somewhere in between?

(I'm asking for a reason, but I don't want to reveal it until after people answer.)


Dr. Medusa said...

I am not inspired to post anything on my own blog, so I am abducting your comments for my own goofy blogging purposes this afternoon. As you know from our conversation last night, no strong postive or negative opinions on the Lawrence. I, however, do want to ask you and your readers a question of perhaps greater import (if not literary, then magical)--one to do with the Potter.

If you were able to have any magical object in the Potter for your own use, besides a wand, what would you choose and why? I would choose, hands down, the Maruader's Map, because I am paranoid and sneaky.

Feel free to encourage your readers to combine their Lawrence/Potter answers. Or feel entirely free to refuse my blog abduction by deleting this comment :)

Dr. Crazy said...

Oh no, I think that in a bizarre way these questions are in sympathy with one another. So yes, readers, respond to the magical object question and/or the Lawrence question.

My Potter Object of Choice would be.... Oh god, it's really hard to do this! I'm going to say... Well, what I'd really want is a time-turner, as it's always been my secret desire to be able to stop time, and this would be almost as good. But since all of the time-turners were destroyed during the battle with the Death Eaters at the ministry, I get another guess (see, I'm tricky like that). If no time-turner is available for me, I would like an invisibility cloak.

Dr. Medusa said...

And why?

Dr. Crazy said...

Dude, Medusa, you are a task-master. I'm not even so bossy in my comments :)

Ok, so I want the time-turner so that I can have enough time to do all the things I want to do as well as all the things I have to do. The invisibility cloak to me is an obvious choice, as it would allow me to see a bunch of stuff without people knowing I'm seeing it. So, in other words, I'm an over-achieving voyeur.

Some readers may note that Lawrence himself is an overachieving voyeur, and that there is a lot of emphasis on looking vs. seeing in his novels. See, everything relates to the Potter!

Anonymous said...

Evening ladies (hey, is this a happy hour?!)
On Lawrence - we-e-e-e-e-elllll.... hmm. Not arsed, like. Read LC's Lover during a very queit shift at the pub and really it just left me cold. Only read it cos it's just one of those books one really out to have read: an obligation read if you will. Got another [can't see the title from here] book that I've started, but again, he just doesn't do it for me. BUT I don't hate him.
Harry Potter - the invisible cape is the only thing I can remember, but that would be most cool. Really can't remember anything else at all...

Flavia said...

I SHOULDN'T like Lawrence, and in many ways I really DON'T like Lawrence--he's pretty much nothing like any of the other writers I like, and IS like many writers whom I intensely dislike--but my God, when that man is on, he's a force of nature. So I guess I'd come down on the side of "love."

But this judgment is based largely on The Rainbow, and to a lesser degree Women in Love (which is good, but I don't think AS good); I have no particular opinion about Sons & Lovers, and I think Lady Chat blows. Haven't read anything else.

New Kid on the Hallway said...

I have to confess to my philistinism and admit that I've never read Lawrence. Sorry!

As for the Potter, though: can a magical ability count? I'd want to be able to apparate. If not - well, floo powder's dodgy given the paucity of fireplaces in the US. Maybe a portkey to get me between home and school? A pensieve would be cool, too.

Kate Evans said...

Hi darlin-

I've been lurking for a while & just wanted to say howdy.

Another academic drudge & creative type- Kate

kfluff said...

Is Love and Hate the Lawrence an option? Because, really, both, simultaneously. There's a great story about how he grabbed poor Frieda by the throat once and declared "I AM the master! I am the master!" Whoa. Dude. Issues.

I think, perhaps, He Who Shall Not Be Named has similar problems with his power being challenged, no? (And I'd pick Polly Juice--just to see what's it's like to be someone else...)

D.B. said...

I liked Women In Love, though the characters I think Lawrence wanted me to like struck me as tools. "The Man Who Died" scored points for gratuitous use of the word "cock," but lost points for glossing the resurrection as "they didn't kill me enough." And it gained infinite points for the double(?) entendre on "I am risen."

Potter object: floo powder. (I live far from home on the edge of civilization; I'd like to be able to get back on the cheap.)

anskull said...

I'm not a large reader of literature, but I loved Sons and Lovers. I tried Lady Chatterley's Lover but I couldn't stand another female/drawing room/unemployed English people novel.

Dr. Crazy said...

Thanks for the comments, everybody. I'm going to do a Lawrence post tomorrow, I think.

Oh, and I thought of another Potter object I want: Luna Lovegood's spectrespecs. what do those do anyway?