Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Still Falls the Rain

I know that the rain technically signals spring and all that, but there's rain, and then there's rain. And this has been one hell of a lot of rain.

I've got a busy day ahead of me. Here's what I'm looking at:

10:30 AM - prep for meeting with students.
11:00 AM - meet with students re: the thing that they're doing that I'm advising.
11:30 AM - finish up comments on the beginning of the draft that BES submitted.
12:00 PM - meet with BES about her thesis. I have a dream that this meeting will take just an hour, but if past meetings are any indication, it's probably going to take two.
2:00 PM - Another meeting with a student.
2:30 PM - Grade student research projects; prep for class; make some copies, etc.
4:45 PM - teach for 3 hours.

I wish I owned rain boots. Or that the sun was out. I did get a very nice night's sleep last night, and I'm feeling fairly energized, so at least that's a good thing. And another good thing is that I already did my prep for tomorrow, so I don't need to do anything once the day is done tonight. I mean, obviously there are things I *could* do, but nothing that I *must* do.

So now I must get together library books to return, find the film I'm showing in class, pack my lunch, shower, make sure my bag is fully packed, dress, etc.

[By the way, I'm not posting all of this stuff because I'm trying to say that my life is harder than anybody else's, as I think was implied by the staff person - I think his name was Josh? - who commented to the last post. I'm posting it in large part to give myself credit for all of what I'm doing (as opposed to my instinct that leads me to beat myself up for not working on the things that there just isn't time to get to) and then in small part because it's often this time of year when students start seriously thinking about the possibility of grad school and becoming a professor and/or that people are getting ready to embark on their first tenure-track jobs in the fall. When I thought about grad school, and when I got to my first t-t job, I couldn't really imagine how the days would be filled. Now, in grad school I'd taught, so student meetings weren't foreign to me, or grading, but no, I had no clue how much more time and energy 4X the students I'd ever taught in a semester would take, nor did I have a clue about a lot of other things. So this isn't a series of posts that's about moaning and whining about how tough professors have it. It's a series of posts that's about taking some credit for myself, venting some spleen, and giving a wee little window into what some days look like.]

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