Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today I....

  1. Taught for an hour and fifteen minutes.
  2. Worked at the admin gig for two hours (mainly composing an annoying communique related to a program change).
  3. Went to my office and caught up on some email, ate lunch, had a conversation related to book permissions, read stuff for a writing award I was judging, did summer book orders, met with a colleague related to the book contest, worked on a syllabus for fall, chatted with a few other colleagues about items various and sundry.
  4. Did time at a grad programs fair (did I mention that we're starting an MA program? I'll have more to say about that in future).
  5. Came home and talked to Medusa and to my parents on the phone.
It's been a long freaking day. And tomorrow I need to work on the article, and I also need to take care of some book nonsense. Note to any people considering writing a book or in the process: The Book never is finished. Not until it's published, and I suspect I'll somehow not be finished with it even then.

Some random thoughts:

  • Wine is lovely.
  • I love my department. I really do. And I'm actually really happy here, and excited to make my career here should I end up never leaving. I feel at home in this place and I feel a loyalty to this place and I love the loyalty that others feel to this place - and those others include both colleagues and students.
  • But I don't think I've mentioned it... BFF is moving on. Indeed, she's gotten a GREAT job closer to her family. I could write about this more in future as well, but for now, Rock On! BFF!
  • I laughed at the grad program thingie when a colleague told a former undergrad (before my time) who's also a prospective grad student that I'm "hardcore." What an awesome compliment, and yet also, hilarious if you know me, I think.
  • I think my great talent in life is that I'm very charming to assholes, cranks, and otherwise dotty and curmudgeonly fellows. I'm not sure whether this is ultimately positive or negative, or what exactly it means about my own personality, but the cranks? They love the Crazy :)


Impaired and Violated said...

It is a great talent to be charming to assholes, so long as you know they are assholes. Wine is lovely. :)

MommyProf said...

Worked on a syllabus for next fall? Wow!