Monday, March 24, 2008

Productivity Monday

Well, or at least I'm hoping that it will turn out to deserve that name. This weekend, I avoided job-related work (for the most part) and instead relaxed and did some things around the house. You know, like most people do on the weekends. While obviously there were things I "should" have been accomplishing for work, I decided that what I needed most was some time for *me* that wasn't about checking things off of my to-do list.

What this means, however, is that today needs to be *all* about the to-do list. I'm devoting the morning to some prep and to grading. Then I'll break for lunch, and work on the article for 2 hours. (I may end up working on it for more, but two hours seems reasonable as a minimum.) Then I'll go for a walk (sunny and a high of near 50), and then I'll make my to-do list plans for the week and decide what else I'll do or not do with this Productivity Monday.

I think that the above is reasonable, and shouldn't be too terribly stressful to achieve. As with all days like this, expect periodic and boring blog posts to punctuate my day :)


Maude said...

ah, well please don't let the chapter i just sent you (to your reassigned time e-mail) interrupt your productivity.

Dr. Crazy said...

But, you see, productivity is only enhanced by that variety of procrastination! You have done me a valuable service, Maude Lebowski!