Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Afternoon

So, last night I managed to get myself to 8 solid pages of the draft. Today, I've not even looked at it. Well, I did print it out. It's a gloomy day, and I felt like I needed a break from the draft, so this morning I ran some errands and then I finished grading those midterms that I had hanging over my head. Exciting things about the midterms: 2 students dropped the course so I had two fewer to grade; all but two of the remaining did VERY well on the exam. And the exam itself was a good one - it really showed me what they're getting and what they're not getting, and it also showed me how good they are with synthesizing material that's pretty difficult even taken on its own. So yay.

Tonight I've actually got social plans, which is exciting, and then I tomorrow my aim is to pound out more of the draft (all of the rest of it? is that possible?). I'll then spend Sunday cleaning my house, and then Monday I'll prep for the week. Ah, break has not been long enough, but I have accomplished a great deal.

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Belle said...

*I* think you're amazing! Go Crazy!