Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Warn You Now: It's Going to Be a Heavy Blogging Day

And a day in which the posts are interesting to no one - not even me. I'm posting again because I need to get on with the writing. And I'm not at all in the mood. And so I've put on some Sufjan Stevens and I figure if I blab here while listening to it that it will get me in the mood. Or if not, I'll just become so bored that I'll get to work on the article because that will be more interesting than if I keep writing nonsense. It is wrong to blab all of this at you, my readers, but I feel like it will be therapeutic for me, and well, it needs to be all about what gets me to actually writing today. Hmm.... Perhaps I need to put on some running shoes.

Ah, that's better.

As Medusa explains much better than I ever could, in writing, wardrobe is all. Now, she and I tend to veer in different directions in terms of our fashion aesthetics for writing, but we do begin at the same place - with the strange sweater/nightgown combination. I tend not to find my inner dancer as the day continues, however, but rather to embrace my inner Spice Girl, usually ending up with some combination of Sporty, Ginger, and Scary being the end result. Currently, I have settled on the following:

  • Hot pink and white Adidas gym shoes
  • Black terry cloth shorts that I've had since 2003 (which are faded to a kind of brown/gray/black
  • What A. calls a "bralet" but by which she actually means a tank top with some sort of built in bra support (burgundy).
  • a "Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky" t-shirt (green).

I have yet to reach the desperate stage where I break out the dissertation tiara. At this point, my hair is just in a ponytail. Might I just note that I'm very excited that my hair can go into a ponytail again?

So why am I not writing? WHY?

I've done the research. I know (roughly) what I want to say. I've done the thinking that I needed to do. So why am I sitting here resisting getting to work? Why????

The fact of the matter is that I don't feel like writing. I feel like being a lazy person. And it sucks that I am not allowed to be a lazy person. Well, I suppose I'm allowed - who's here to stop me? - but I know that I cannot afford the laziness.


I may need to set the timer in order to get anywhere with my day.

More soon, I'm sure. I know you can't wait.


Maude said...

i don't have a writing outfit. maybe that's my problem.

i do want a dissertation tiara though.

Susan said...

I love the idea of a writing outfit. But you definitely need activities for the intervals (i.e. I don't know where the next sentence goes... shall I clean the toilet and see?)

You inspire me to finish the article I "could write in my sleep" as one friend says. Unfortunately, I haven't been sleeping enough.

Anonymous said...

aw, I love the getting lucky in kentucky t-shirt. I see that one around. also, get a wife or two in utah! and my personal favorite Idaho? No, Udaho!

Dr. Virago said...

Hee, the "Getting Lucky in Kentucky" t-shirt was just mentioned on Stuff White People Like here.