Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday, Sigh

Well, looking back over the past week, I got a good amount done, although obviously I didn't do all the things I'd hoped to do. I've got a messy 30 pages, about 10 of which are actual solid draft - of the article. The rest is notes and quotes and a hodgepodge of things that is in no state to be seen by anybody but me. The realistic projection is that I can't get a complete draft done until Friday at the earliest. That's ok, I suppose.

But so then that means that I need to decide whether my time is best spent today working on it a bit more or whether it would be better spent doing some other stuff that I need to get done. Hmmm.

Need I note that I would like to laze about more than I'd like to do either of the above? I blame a certain Man-Kitty for this laziness, as when you live with somebody who sleeps for about 20 hours a day, well, it really does have a negative impact on your motivation.


Sisyphus said...

Well, at least the Man-Kitty doesn't inspire you to lick yourself obsessively --- I mean, he doesn't, does he?

Dr. Crazy said...

Hehe. All I can say is that if I took a page out of that part of his book then I'd be one heck of a lot cleaner than I currently am, probably :)