Friday, March 21, 2008

Grumble, Frown

You ever have one of those days that's just been sort of shitty from the moment you woke up?

Yeah, that's the kind of day I'm having.


History Mistress said...

That was me yesterday. Nothing went right and I was screaming "is it spring break yet?" by the end of the day. You have my sympathy.

Doctor Pion said...

Maybe there is a conservation law at work here. I was not happy with either of my lectures yesterday (in particular, they were to lecturey). Today, my first one had an awesome moment that was totally impromptu. (Pointless to explain here, but an overheard comment about a problem on a calculus exam in the class before mind made me realize that something I needed to explain today was an example of that same concept! Connection made.) It even carried over as I invented a new way to make a key connection in my other class.

I love it when I learn something about teaching a subject on the fly, right during class.

Doctor Pion said...

So there I go, typing without proofreading. Guess that good day is over! [to = too, mind = mine]

Maude said...

yeah, my day was like that, too (was as in i'm reading this the day after), even though it was beautiful outside and i got off work early.

and what kind of seriously unhealthy behaviours did i partake in to combat this? i...
1. ate the equivalent of an entire pepperoni pizza,
2. drank the equivalent of two bottles of wine,
3. ate about 16 creme sandwich cookies (the long keebler ones), and
4. ate a bowl of rocky-road type ice cream covered in chocolate sauce.

the fact that i did not barf by the end of the night was a miracle in itself.