Monday, March 31, 2008

And a New Week Begins

So I had lots of dreams last night, and each (though they covered different topics) featured me ending up in cars that were barely drivable (a blue, rusted out corolla from ca. 1984; an orange Dodge - maybe a Charger - with brown interior from ca. 1978 until finally by the last dream I ended up having no car at all and just ended up having to walk along the highway and yet still somehow got lost.

Now, I've been dreaming about cars since I was a small kid. The first car dream that I recall was a bad dream about somebody making me drive a car (a VW Beetle) but my feet couldn't touch the brakes or the gas, and I could barely see over the steering wheel. So yes, car dreams have historically for me been about anxiety of some kind.

So why am I boring you with my dreams of cars that barely work (and then which I'm being investigated for potentially having stolen), cars that won't get me to the job interview I'm supposed to have, and walking around roads that lead nowhere? Well... my layman's interpretation of this is that I have a lot of shit I need to get done and I'm not quite certain how I'm going to accomplish it all. Though, of course, I suppose it could mean something else entirely.

This weekend I got good work on the article done, and I anticipate I'll be able to get it done by next weekend. Today, however, I really need to work on it for approx. 3 hours so that I'm in a position that most of what I'm doing between now and next week is revising - not writing from scratch.

Also on today's agenda is:
  • Read the syllabi and assignments of my new mentee to prepare for our meeting this week.
  • Spend like 20 minutes prepping for class (I've already done the reading, so really there's not much to be done)
  • Pay bills (well, or at least rent).
  • Do laundry (although I'm not really going to do this. It's just I should).
  • Look at my calendar for the week and make the Big List of Things to Do.
And actually, there's probably more I should do and maybe even will do, but writing it all down is exhausting me. And thus, I will stop whining and blogging and start doing stuff so that I can check the stuff off the list, which is satisfying indeed.

Edited to add: Ok, so I decided it would motivate me to add a list of what I've done so far and to change the above list as I go. If I had it in me to figure out the code to do striking through, that would perhaps be more efficient, but I'm procrastinating, so why not go whole hog with that? Also, I'm noticing that I actually do stuff that's not on the to-do list, and so it's worth seeing the difference in the list that I devised originally and what I'm actually getting done.

Done So Far:

  • Write correspondence related to Book stuff.
  • Finish writing the annoying letter that I must compose for my admin. gig.
  • Survey thingie that I needed to get done.
  • Reschedule meeting because I'm an idiot and I don't look at my calendar before I schedule things.
  • Wrote for about an hour and a half; got done with a major section of the article.
  • Signed up for a Twitter acct and attempted to add the widget to the sidebar, but can't figure out how to get it to show up without it forcing you to click through, which is annoying. Not that you care what I'm doing from moment to moment anyway, or like I don't spend enough time detailing it without the need for such a gadget.
  • Got dressed. I know, pathetic that I'm including that on this list.
  • Go to the post office and send book correspondence (because even I can't justify giving that two bullets).
  • Go into the office briefly.
  • Wonder why my cat insists on knocking the lampshade of the lamp in the living room off balance and marking it as if somehow it refuses to stay his territory. Wonder whether he has this habit because he actually wants me to shoot him with the spray bottle....
  • Schedule a meeting with a student that I've been needing to schedule for a couple of weeks.
  • Think about taking a brief nap.


vague said...

Oh, I always have those driving anxiety dreams, too. I am usually attempting to drive the car either from the passenger seat or the back seat. I guess it's not a terribly difficult metaphor to unpack.

I'm currently slogging through my own to-do list (while of course taking procrastination breaks on the internet). Freshman Comp papers, here I come.

Good luck on the rest of your to-dos, too!

Sisyphus said...

If you're interested, you put a caret < on either side of an s (for strikeout) and then on the other side do a / and an s inside the caret. It's just like the i for italics one.

Thank you, thank you; I'll be here all week1 (bows)