Monday, March 10, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

I'm not entirely certain why I'm bothering to post. I think I'm just having a wee bit of trouble motivating myself to accomplish things. That said, three items on today's list are done, so I'm off to a decent (if slow) start.

Now, the things about which I'm procrastinating are the following:

  • Finish preliminary reading for article.
  • Take out trash.
  • Make outline for article and consider how I'll incorporate the stuff from the original conference paper, figure out what I need to expand or change, etc.
  • Write (i.e., draft, type things in, etc.) for four hours (with breaks as necessary, but with a timer so that I'm sure to actually do the four hours, though at this early stage I can do what I need to do in front of the TV if I want).
  • Sort laundry.
Now, why am I procrastinating about these things?
  • If I finish my reading I'll actually have to begin working. Ewww.
  • I'm lazy.
  • Thinking about reworking a conference paper into a full-blown article is exhausting and nothing ever seems to work as is, which is kind of demoralizing and frustrating.
  • Writing's for losers.
  • I'm lazy.
That said, I do feel that inspiration will hit me around 4 PM or so with the article-related stuff, so rather than beat myself up about not working, I think I'm going to just give myself permission not to do anything related to that until later. As for the other stuff, perhaps I'll do some sort of thing where I watch tv or play around on the computer or something but with a timer, and when the timer goes off I have to do the other things on the list. Ah yes, this seems like a solid plan.

(I might be the most boring blogger in the world when I'm in one of these writing phases. That said, it does help to write about what I need to do, and I hope that watching my "process" might be useful to somebody for something, though god only knows what.)


Feminist Avatar said...

Reading about your 'process' is very reassuring as it reminds me of my own. I now feel less guilty about not working during 'work time'.

Maude said...

let me invoke some beavis and butthead laughter with "writing's for losers."

you kill me.