Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So This Is the Kind of Day It's Going to Be

I just finished composing an email of disgust to a news organization about some of their morning coverage. I've never done this before. I'm not quite sure what's gotten into me.

Oh, and when I woke up I found I was without water. I've yet to discover whether this is some sort of water main break or something else, though I strongly suspect it is that as a couple of weeks ago there was the same thing. Luckily, I keep water in the fridge, so I did not have to go without coffee.

God! And now I just saw a teaser for another "female teacher screws male student" story on the Today Show. Now, is it just me, or does it seem highly unlikely that only female teachers screw students? If this is the case, then how come we never see male teachers screwing students as a lead story on the freaking Today Show? I've got a theory about this, but I'm too irritable to elucidate it.

So I've got a ton of work I need to accomplish, but what with the no water and with the lack of motivation, I feel like returning to bed. In good news, I am close to caught up with grading. The article languishes, but I feel like when I finally settle down to it that it will go pretty swiftly. Or I hope that.

What else? Well, not much, I suppose. I am cranky, I hate the news, I have no water, and I lack motivation. Welcome to Crazy's World of Negativity :)


Susan said...

Crazy, didn't you know that male teachers are supposed to screw their students? So it's not news, is it?

Kjerstin said...

I see that quite often, only it’s called ’abuse’ and put in the crime section, and the teachers are mostly pathetic and middle aged. Whereas female teachers screwing their male students is called ‘sex’ and put in the international section (because it only happens in countries far, far away), and the stories are supposedly romantic ("It was true love, vows student").

Anyhow, there’s just so much silly news reporting one can take, and sometimes writing an email of disgust to those responsible feels strangely constructive.

Maude said...

i know, i somehow thought it was one of the "perks" that just went with being male and a professor/teacher. but i'm not bitter or angry about this subject at all...