Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What Year Is It Again? How Old Am I?

I just spent the past who knows how long listening to a boy/man sing along on the telephone to Def Leppard's Hysteria album. It felt oddly familiar. Why? I swear to god I did the same thing with my eighth grade boyfriend. The only difference is that now I don't have to attempt to giggle quietly for fear that my mom will burst in and scream at me for a) being up past my bedtime, b) "laughing too loudly on the phone" (a constant complaint throughout my adolescence).

I was brought back to reality when the boy/man changed the soundtrack to the band that I hate most in the whole world here in the '07, Nickelback. But so the spell was lifted, and now I'm going to sleep. For real.


heu mihi said...

"Laughing too loudly on the phone"??

Is it okay to laugh loudly in person, at least?

Dr. Crazy said...

Actually, laughing too loudly in person was also not encouraged by my mother at any point past her bedtime, which is like 9 PM. One of the recurring points of hilarity when I'd have sleepovers at my house was my mom flying downstairs and yelling at everybody to stop laughing/talking so loudly because people were trying to sleep :)

psychphd (to be) said...

Ha! and here I was thinking that I was the only person that wasn't allowed to laugh after 9pm (also my mother's bedtime) when I was in my teens. I still remember the shock on people's faces when I told them my mother had issued me a laughing curfew.