Thursday, August 09, 2007

This Day in the Life of Dr. Crazy

6:00 AM - Dr. Crazy wakes up with her mind racing. This is what she gets for going to sleep thinking of things she'd like her subconscious to do work on. At any rate, in spite of her best efforts, she cannot return to sleep (and we should give props to the Man-Kitty for his role in this, because he was, as far as Dr. Crazy can tell, attempting to bathe her face with his wee kitten paws and it's very difficult to sleep under those conditions).

7:00 AM - Dr. Crazy, having whipped herself into a neurotic frenzy, sends off an email that will allow her to return to precious sleep. As she drifts off, she thinks to herself, "maybe I am crazy...."

10:40 AM - Dr. Crazy wakes up, realizing that her alarm did not go off at 9 as she had thought it would, and thus she must race around like a fool in order to meet with a student at 11 AM. Thank god I don't live far away from school. Thank god.

12 Noon - Lunch, delicious.

Afternoon hours - Dr. Crazy takes herself off to the pool for some swimming, some sunbathing, and some reading of theory. Theory is not proper material for poolside reading, you say? Oh, but you are so wrong. It is perfect! And then there was some brief emailing with A., and then there was a shower and some contemplating about whether I should do more work.

And so now here we are. Ooh! A. just called!

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anna said...

Theory by the poolside... that sounds delicious... Graduate students and professors should be required to *only* read theory whilst sitting by a placid body of water. What a great idea!