Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Random Bullets: I'm a Workaholic Edition

  • Remember how I was going to say no to every single thing in order not to become completely overloaded with service stuff? Guess who has agreed to do about 5 different things since then.
  • In addition, I've finally started working on some revisions with a Sept. 1 deadline. That's right, I finally looked at the comments for real for the first time *today*.
  • What we see from the above two bullets is that I am both a fool who takes on more than she should as well as a person who doesn't do the things she's already supposed to be doing, even as she says yes to ever more things.
  • Don't even ask how the book's going.
  • I'm sleepy. Perhaps I shall take a nap with my kitty-cat.
  • Oh, and rather than work out I think I'm going to lie around and read and maybe order pizza for dinner.
  • Yes, this is what I've become.

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