Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ok, So I Don't Normally Post about Dreams

But last night I had one in which I was going to get refreshments after having been in some long meeting, and thus following a line of people to the refreshment area, and apparently Rudy Giuliani had also been in the same meeting because he was behind me in line and he totally molested my butt. Obviously, my dream self did not enjoy this inappropriate attention, and so she wheeled around to freak out on the offensive butt-toucher, but then she realized it was Rudy Giuliani and everything got all confused because my dream-self was on the one hand still angry but also felt the need to be weirdly polite because of the "celebrity" of good ol' Rudy.


1 comment:

jo(e) said...

Me? I would have slapped Rudy Guiliani.