Saturday, August 04, 2007

In Which I Have a Rare Impulse to Comment on a Movie

I was going to write review a movie, but this won't really be a review, as I don't have the energy for anything as involved as that. But so tonight the movie The Last Kiss was on HBO, and rather than doing any number of other more interesting things, I watched it.

  • I just do not find Zach Braff attractive. He does not have a chin. And yet, and yet - yes, even I am manipulated into liking him when I see him in things.
  • In fact, I liked all of the actors in the thing. Likable. Oh yes, they all are. And I love that Jacinda Barrett of Real World London fame is succeeding with the acting thing.
  • And I really thought her performance was quite good, in spite of some slips out of the American accent she was supposed to have. And that Rachel Bilson as the fucked-up-college-girl-other-woman was quite heavenly. Why they were both so jazzed over stupid Zach Braff I've no idea. They could do better, much.
  • But what really got me about the movie was that it was a celebration of guys being fucked up commitmentphobes who can't get their shit together. Oh, except for the emotionally unavailable father of Jacinda, who was the paragon of maturity just because he never fucked around on his wife, even if he didn't make her happy either. I mean, we have Zach Braff who cheats on his pregnant girlfriend whom he won't marry because he's too much of a chicken-shit, Casey Affleck who decides to leave his wife and baby because his wife makes him feel bad (boohoo!), actor I don't know #1 who refuses to believe his girlfriend broke up with him and so shows up at her house when another guy is there - six full weeks after they broke up - and punches the guy both in the balls and the face (nice), and actor I don't know #2 who meets this girl who seems to be totally cool and awesome and with whom he has great sex and when he shows up at her house and her parents are there he bails, with no explanation, as no explanation is needed, as obviously any girl who dares to have parents and not to hide them away is after only one thing (that dreaded thing marriage, if you weren't sure what that one thing is).
  • I feel like I need to take a shower. Especially because as I was watching the movie I found myself sort of enjoying it.
Misogyny that masquerades as some sort of heart-felt inquiry into relationships really pisses me off.


Hilaire said...

Yes! Thank you, Dr. Crazy, for saying exactly what I thought of this movie, which just made me sick to my stomach. I saw it on a plane; it made me travel-sick.

Anonymous said...

yes, but don't you have any sense that the men in that movie are NOT heroes? they're all horrific losers. it's SAD how alone they're going to be because of their failings.

if you think healthy relationships are beneficial, then I'd think the inadequacy of those characters would hearten you.

Anonymous said...

I've just watched the movie on Tivo again, and reassert that I believe a viewer would have to be impaired in some way to think the men in this picture get off easy. The Braff character is so horribly flawed and doomed to fail, that getting in that door at the end is no victory. It's just a delay.

Scrivener said...

I watched the movie the night before you and I totally, totally hated it. I usually like Braff, and loved Garden State, but this movie drove me up the wall.

Dr. Virago said...

I know this post is over a month old, but I'm trying to catch up with your blog (and everyone else's), so forgive me...BUT I just HAD to post and say:

Thank you thank you thank you for validating my opinion of that movie! I think it did want us to think it was deep and complex and wanted us to be sympathetic to those guys ('see, being a guy is HARD,' it seemed to say, and also 'we just want to be understood, WAHHH'), but I hated it (even, while you, finding the actors themselves likable). And I hated myself for watching it. I, too, felt like I needed a shower afterwards.

Also, I think you and I were watching it on HBO on the same night, which I find both funny and some sort of consolation.